Meeting 2018

On December 1st, another annual meeting of the GelAvista program took place, this time in Faro with the collaboration of the University of Algarve and, as always, with the participation of our observers. As usual, the meeting began with a presentation of the GelAvista program, explaining what it consists of and its objectives, making known the information collected so far and addressing good observational practices.

It also had the participation of 3 guest speakers: Alexandra Teodósio (UAlg), who explained the importance of jellyfish in marine ecosystems; Rita Domingues (UAlg), exhibited on what will motivate citizens to participate in citizen science projects and Mafalda Freitas (GelAvista Madeira), presented the results of 5 years of monitoring of Pelagia noctiluca in the Madeira archipelago. At the end, the Medusa d’Ouro was presented: to the observer from Algarve, Rui Filipe and Guilherme Santos from Costa da Caparica.