About us

The GelAvista program

GelAvista is the citizen science project responsible for jellyfish monitoring in the Portuguese coast, Azores and Madeira archipelagos, launched in February 2016. It aims to involve the community in the development of science, thus filling the lack of knowledge in Portugal about jellyfish.

It gathers information about these animals, using the participation of citizens who frequent coastal areas – beaches, estuaries, rivers, marinas, and others – during their leisure activities (walking and running, diving, sailing, surfing, etc.) or their professional activities (e. g. fishing).

foto Miguel Antunes
foto Cláudio Sancadas


  • Collect data on jellyfish species from Portugal
  • Acquire knowledge on their diversity, distribution and dynamics in ecosystems
  • Increase literacy on marine ecosystems
  • Inform about risks and precautions when in contact with the poisonous species
  • Model and predict their occurrence

The team